Cadden: Vehicles more deadly than rifles |

Cadden: Vehicles more deadly than rifles

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Maybe I missed it, but I only saw it mentioned in one of the three local papers last week. An angry young man in Golden drove his truck through a crowd, killing one and injuring seven others. Where were the people demanding trucks be outlawed? Why weren’t people urging their representatives to pass red-flag laws, taking trucks away from people who someone thinks is a threat without any constitutionally-guaranteed due process? Why weren’t mothers marching with signs saying no one needs a truck that big?

The media should have been headlining another tragic case of vehicle violence. Why didn’t that young man have to pass a government background check before buying the truck? Maybe it’s because the U.S. Constitution guarantees us the right to drive trucks. Oh wait, that’s the right to bear arms.

Last year, over 43,000 people in the United States were killed in incidents involving vehicles. A total of 455 people were killed in incidents involving rifles. Yet, had the attack in Golden involved an AR-15 rifle, there would be more demands for the government outlaw the most popular sporting rifle in America. There are an estimated 20 million of these rifles in the United States — used for hunting, competition and self-defense. Yet, when one of them is used illegally, there is an outcry for the government to outlaw them. As with trucks, knives, hammers and fists, guns are merely tools that bad people use to hurt others.

In this country, we are citizens, not subjects. We retain the right to defend ourselves and our country. I urge those supporting politicians trying to disarm us to realize that they do not care about our safety; they only care about control. The Second Amendment is the one that guarantees that we can keep the others and remain free.

Don Cadden

Glenwood Springs