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Butemeyer: The highest service

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

How we do anything is how we do everything.

If how Skippy shows up in our personal partnership is any indicator of how he does and how he will continue to show up in his leadership position on council if re-elected, then rest assured that your thoughts and feelings will be heard and accounted for with so much love, compassion, integrity, and service.

Character matters. 

Quality of awareness matters. 

How we listen matters.

While we may not always agree and see eye to eye on everything (which, hey, who does?) there has not been a day in which I have never felt unsafe to express myself fully and authentically with Skippy because of the warmth and presence he brings to every interaction and conversation with me and with our friends, family, and community.

He will always listen to you through the eyes of the heart. 

He will always meet you with empathy and compassion. 

And may we all remember this truth: Deeply listening and understanding people does not automatically equate to agreeing with them. 

He will always tell truth, making choices for our community with the intention of doing what is of the highest service for all of us and for the long-term sustainability for our future children and for those of us interested in keeping this magical mountain town our forever home that we live in, work in, and contribute to.

We are at a crossroads between maintaining Aspen’s vision, authenticity, and internal richness — and not. 

If you want to maintain the values that Aspen holds dear while continuing to also be at the forefront of evolution, innovation, and collaboration that will heal our community and not hurt it, then I invite you to vote for my partner in life and business and my best friend this election season, Skippy Mesirow.

Whoever you vote for, please be sure to do just that: Vote!

Jamie Butemeyer