Buglione: Why I’ve earned your vote for Pitkin County sheriff

Michael Buglione
Michael Buglione
Michael Buglione Aspen Pitkin County Sheriff Candidate
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I’m writing to express my gratitude to our community for the overwhelming support I’ve received while running for Pitkin County sheriff.

My supporters are the courageous people within our community who are not afraid to stand up against the hypocrisy and the intimidation of the current sheriff. My supporters know that their vote is the fastest way that we can gain new leadership within the Sheriff’s Office.

Though some remain more understated in their public support for fear of retribution from the current sheriff, they give me daily encouragement that further fuels my lifelong deep desire to serve this community as your sheriff. Supporters in a confidential poll recently taken by The Aspen Times, where the majority ruled in my favor, further proved that Pitkin County is ready for a change in leadership!

My supporters, whether softer spoken or outspoken, understand that their vote is the power that they hold to ignite the desired shift in leadership. They stand beside me because they know that, as your sheriff, I will be completely dedicated and connected to our local community, invest in mental health, prioritize tax dollars, mentor and retain deputies, elevate the safety of our community, and increase school safety.   

Now, more than ever, we need people in leadership roles who are empathetic, transparent, and humble. Leaders who operate out of integrity and whose actions are aligned with their leadership duties.

We continue to need leaders in our unique and enlightened community (and beyond) who spend their time investing in their local teams, who listen more than they talk, who prioritize the community’s most pressing needs, clearly define action plans that support those priorities, and then carry them out with a sense of urgency. I have proven to be this type of leader and will remain resolutely dedicated to these practices as your sheriff. 

I have served this community in law enforcement for 17 years with both the Aspen Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office. My skills have been further sharpened in the private sector, where I’ve managed large teams, budgeting, and adhered to timelines. Over the last decade, I’ve continued to serve our community while on the Board of Directors of the Aspen Hope Center and the Aspen Fire Department.

While I did serve in advanced leadership roles as director of operations and as a sergeant, much of my work experience was gained by directly helping our community while serving in the field. The passion for my law-enforcement career was sparked while helping the people of our community. As the deputy coroner for 10 years, although difficult, my goal was to support all members of our community, remain focused on my duties, and provide comfort to so many during horrific tragedies.  

My heart remains in serving the public and our community. I want to be your sheriff because our community needs someone at the helm whose principles stay aligned with the requirements of their elected position.    

Although some of the unwarranted attacks from my opponent’s campaign have been difficult for my family to observe, we stand stronger knowing that, when you speak the truth, act out of integrity, and continue to live a life of service with highest good of the community at the forefront, that you have already won.    

Again, I want to express my deepest gratitude to our entire community for this opportunity! It will be an honor to serve Pitkin County as your next sheriff.    

Thank you for exercising your right to vote by electing me, Michael Buglione, for Pitkin County Sheriff. Please vote by Nov. 8.    

Michael Buglione is the Democratic Party candidate for Pitkin County sheriff.

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