Buglione: Need sheriff who is vigilant

After co-parenting with Michael Buglione for 23 years, I witnessed first-hand how Michael places our children, their peers and the entire community as his top priority. I can say with certainty that Michael stays diligent in all his responsibilities, especially those involving children in the community. 

Although I’ve been living in Denver for the past four years, as a longtime resident of 30-plus years and raising three children in this beautiful town, I remain very familiar. I will always consider Aspen my home. My son and his wife also live in Aspen, and he runs a family business in town.

I met Michael when he was dedicated to the Aspen Police Department and then hired by Bob Braudis for the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office. I’ve witnessed Michael’s hands-on approach, where he has been dedicated to not only policing, but also for the betterment of the community.

Michael prioritizes mental health, and he passionately makes it a priority. He cares about keeping Aspen the tight-knit community it once was. Housing for the deputies is a true and needed change in our community, so that deputies can be a familiar face with community members, just as Michael has always been. 

On the contrary, Joe has grown farther and farther away from the community and needs of its people. Joe has shown, by his distraction to outside business engagements and in his attempt to work from afar, that his commitment and energy for our community has fizzled. 

We need a sheriff who remains vigilant to the community and is completely dedicated to the demands of the job. 

Please vote for Michael Buglione for Pitkin County sheriff by Nov. 8.


Cindy Buglione