Bryan: AG merits re-election |

Bryan: AG merits re-election

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

On Nov. 8, we will elect our next Colorado attorney general. Many of us are less clear about this role than that of, say, a state legislator or congressman, but it is immeasurably important. Attorney General Phil Weiser — the “People’s Lawyer” — is the primary advocate for Colorado citizens’ public interest and ensuring that both industry and government play by the rules. Phil deserves to be re-elected to serve another term.

Individuals and businesses have to comply with laws, and so do local, state, and federal governmental actors. As Colorado’s AG, Phil knows the importance of both. Phil is a proven champion of both American democracy and its expression here in Colorado. He successfully argued Colorado Department of State v. Baca before the U.S. Supreme Court, prevailing in a unanimous victory ensuring that presidential electors followed the will of the people; he has stood against efforts to overturn the 2020 Presidential election, including a lawsuit brought by Texas’ attorney general to overturn other states’ elections; and he has actively committed to protecting all Coloradans from voter intimidation.

One of Phil’s best attributes is that he appeals to people across the political spectrum — garnering support from Republicans, Democrats, and independent voters. Phil is no ideologue. He believes in common sense, commitment to the rule of law, and finding lawful and workable solutions to the myriad problems that we face. He’s smart, thoughtful, and analytical. If you find yourself shaking your head about our current politics, remember that the only way to change it is to vote for people who embody the characteristics we seek more of.

We need more elected leaders like Phil — locally, on the state level, and in the federal government. This is your chance to vote for someone you can be proud of.

Please vote to re-elect Phil Weiser as Colorado attorney general.

Chris Bryan