Brown: Outside the boundaries |

Brown: Outside the boundaries

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Hey, Perry Will — I’m actually your constituent. 

There seems to be some confusion. On Sept. 16, he wrote to the Rio Blanco Herald Times, making his case for re-election. Problem is: Rio Blanco was redistricted out of HD 57. I suppose the subtle little detail of what his district actually is has escaped our incumbent legislator.

On Oct. 31, The Aspen Times published a letter of support for Perry Will. That letter might have been compelling if it weren’t written by someone from Centennial, which has never been in HD57. Some more irrelevant praise came from The Post Independent on Nov. 2, when they published a letter by someone from Denver. 

Hey, Perry Will — I actually live in your district, and I don’t want you to be my representative. I’ll be voting for Elizabeth Velasco. She knows the people of our district. 

William Brown