Braudis: Deserves chance to continue |

Braudis: Deserves chance to continue

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

To begin, I would like to thank the community of Pitkin County for the kind words shared about my father, Bob Braudis. 

The election for Pitkin County sheriff is something my father enjoyed for many decades, including the six elections he campaigned for himself. 

I had the honor to share the last 12 ½ years with my father due to Joe DiSalvo. My father came back from an adventure in London with a serious respiratory illness. 

While on the phone with my father, Joe sensed something was very wrong. He called the hotel front desk to request an ambulance. My father was septic; he was rushed to St. Joseph’s. This decision resulted in ripples of positive impact on many lives. 

Joe has grown with our community since his days as a city of Aspen bus driver to Aspen police officer, Pitkin County deputy and 12 years as Pitkin County sheriff. He is humble, a patient listener, creative and willing to collaborate with others to find a solution or find assistance for someone in need of a hand. 

If you do not know Joe, please reach out to him, ask him about the Sheriff’s Cup, how he has helped raise money for the Aspen Hope Center and Huts for Vets. Speak with him about plans for the future of community peacekeeping and how he is committed to working with the next Aspen police chief we will welcome in the next few months. Joe deserves the chance to continue the caring and compassionate philosophy toward protecting our residents and visitors — young and old. 

To borrow a phrase from a special friend, I welcome you to “be like Bob,” and I invite you to join me in voting to re-elect Joe DiSalvo as Pitkin County sheriff. 

Stephanie Braudis