Bradford: Fake news infuriating

After living in Aspen for 50 years, I moved downvalley a couple of years ago. I’ve been watching, with a mix of sadness and horror, this year’s race for sheriff unfold. The amount of fake news being spread about Sheriff Joe DiSalvo is infuriating.

Some of the rumors being spread that try to paint Joe as being no longer interested in, and barely a resident of Pitkin County, are particularly ridiculous. Joe and his wife, Marcy, have spent their entire adult lives in service to this community. On their very few weeks of vacation a year, they go to their home in California, which is rented the rest of the year, to cover expenses. This is hardly any kind of proof of a lack of commitment to Pitkin County. They are hardworking local people, and these attacks are erroneous, and nasty.

One recent letter to the paper attempts to make it seem as if the PitCo Regional Emergency Dispatch Center is in chaos and a danger to us all. In real life, this same dispatch center actually was named by two national trade organizations in 2020 as being the best dispatch center (of 86 call centers) in Colorado.

Come on, people, just stop with this nonsense!

It saddens me to see these and other attempts to spread fake news attacks on Sheriff Joe DiSalvo, a man who has served Pitkin County with intelligence, integrity and kindness for years. He has a long, proven track record of wise law enforcement. He has managed all kinds of disasters with skill. He has set up an excellent department. He is valued by sheriffs all over the state of Colorado for his ability to work with all kinds of people, in an effective, respectful way. 

My only regret about moving downvalley is that I now live in Eagle County and can’t vote for Joe in this election. This whole valley benefits from his wisdom and experience as Pitkin County sheriff. I hope that Pitkin County has the wisdom to re-elect him. 

Deborah Bradford