Borchelt: Don’t bow to unwarranted pressure |

Borchelt: Don’t bow to unwarranted pressure

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Originally addressed to Basalt mayor and town manager:

I was able to attend this week’s streetscape meeting. As I have told Ryan, your staff and entire team on this project are doing a great job!

As a business and property owner in downtown Basalt, I strongly support the streetscape project and hope the project stays the course. A redo is long overdue. We have all had a year or longer to participate in the planning and to share our feedback.

Yes, this summer is going to be challenging, but it’s not the end of the world as some are predicting. I would be surprised if a single business fails, as many are suggesting. We heard similar misinformation during Glenwood Springs’ Grand Avenue project. 

I believe that much of the success of this project is predicated on folks like me and all the other employers and employees regularly parking in the downtown area finding alternative parking options. Your team has offered many suggestions. This will lesson traffic and free up the vital spots for our clients and customers.

We have all become spoiled by the ability to park just steps away from our business. I’m guilty of this practice and committed to changing my habits.

Please do not bow to the pressure that appears to be mounting. I hope all our energy can be focused on working together on solutions rather than negativity.

Ted Borchelt