Blanchard: Should do this differently |

Blanchard: Should do this differently

I was attempting to ignore the event that ultimately lead to the decision to euthanize more bears, including cubs. When I first saw the headline, my heart stopped, and, as I hear locals talking about it, I continue to feel the angst.

Thanks, James and others who are willing to share their dismay of the end decision ending the lives of some of our local bears. 

I would like to understand how these decisions are made. Undoudtedly, our wildlife officers have very difficult jobs and decisions to make, but how are these decisions formulated?  

How about a citizens’ task force? We all know in the past we, the community, have also had to bear the sad news of the euthanization of other types of wildlife. 

Is it possible that we could open our minds to a different kind of thinking wherein we start having a little more respect for our wildlife and more discussion? Perhaps if more locals were willing to share how they feel, we would have a solution that makes more sense.

Natalie Blanchard