Billingsley: Reasons to vote Democrat |

Billingsley: Reasons to vote Democrat

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

John Hornblower’s attempt at what he calls a “Southern vernacular” (It was not) was both demeaning and insulting to anyone raised in the South (as I was). It certainly did not rise to the level of satire. He goes on to post his bonafides as an Ivy League educated, Wall Street connected New Englander. Apparently, he was also a member of the Harvard rowing crew (Although, how this is germane to a political discussion was not made clear).

He finishes with “yada-yada-yada,” presumably to demonstrate how humble he actually is about it all. Whatever point he was trying to make in the first two paragraphs, it was all “yada-yada-yada” to me. He then proceeds to prejudge us “elitist“ Democrats and tell us how we should not be prejudicial to people who don’t live (presumably) in cities run by Democratic administrations (We’re not). 

I have not seen one Democratic platform that called for “freeing the criminals, invite the illegals, tax the other guys, and give more free stuff to me.” To be fair, I haven’t seen it in the Republican platform, either, since they don’t have one — well, other than “owning the libs.”

This is the truth: If you believe in equal protection under law, equal opportunity to pursue your inalienable rights to “life, liberty, and happiness,” that the right to vote is a sacred responsibility, that people should make their own health-care decisions, and that the government’s main and overriding responsibility is to help provide for the common welfare — then you should vote for Democrats and only Democrats.

Mark Billingsley