Bielik: Need overpasses for 82

So, I am sitting in a left turn lane of Highway 82 at the Two Rivers turnout, my car buffeted by heavy 80 mph traffic coming at me and from behind me — a lot of it monster trucks towing construction-equipment trailers, missing me by inches. And, I am thinking, this is a freeway but with lights and left-turn lanes.

They really need overpasses here, not stop lights and turn lanes. 

Then I remember reading about town of Basalt as well as Eagle and Garfield counties recently approving several projects that will build hundreds of units of “needed housing” and commercial real estate, but none of them are tapping the developers to contribute to improve their “rural road” Highway 82 to accommodate traffic they are generating. 

I know people will say, “We do not want a freeway.” Sorry, you already have one. So, make it safer. And, have the developers that make profits putting additional traffic on highway foot some of the bill.

Martin Bielik