Bert: The best of Aspen |

Bert: The best of Aspen

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke’s dream is not dead as long as there are people who love Aspen like they did. What is Aspen without us? It doesn’t matter if you were born here or not. If you love it, it’s yours.

You can hear more and more people saying, “I lost my hope in humanity,” but there are some people here in Aspen who can resurrect that hope — people like Gerry Goldstein.

If you can put Albert Schweitzer, Mother Teresa, and Bob Dylan in one person, you will get Gerry Goldstein. He will bring the idea of being humble to the next level and go beyond. He will thank you for being there for him, so he can help you.

Let’s not forget that behind every great man there is amazing woman — so thank you, Christine Goldstein. Without you, Gerry could not spread his magic, his love.

I love you, Gerry, and you are my best friend. But what’s the big deal? Gerry is everybody’s best friend. If you see him on the streets of Aspen, buy him a beer, shake his hand, and you will witness one of the God’s most beautiful creations.

Alex Bert