Bernard: Focus on mental illness |

Bernard: Focus on mental illness

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Many interactions with law enforcement involve those with mental illness or who are in a crisis situation. To meet community standards, our sheriff must understand and prioritize mental health issues across the department — in the field, the jail, or the schools. 

I have served with Michael Buglione on the Aspen Hope Center board for 10 years. Michael has been an advisory board member for a further two years. Safe and supportive law enforcement for those in crisis or with mental health problems is a priority. He knows how to implement a culture and practice of mental health and crisis support for law enforcement. 

In 2019, an inmate at the Pitkin County Jail died a preventable death from suicide. This death was sad and disturbing. 

Please prioritize the mental health aspect of the sheriff’s responsibilities when you vote for Pitkin County sheriff in the upcoming election.

Sallie Bernard

Unincorporated Pitkin County