Bentley: Don’t miss library celebration |

Bentley: Don’t miss library celebration

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In 2012, The Aspen Times published my letter to the editor ( about the founding of the Pitkin County Library way back in 1938. Its 282 words set out the political context of the library’s evolution. My first winter in Aspen was 1962-63. Renata Braun had been the only staff for almost two decades. 

In the library’s Dunaway Room, this Wednesday (or today), the work of three people will be celebrated from 3-5 p.m. For 44 years, Kathleen Chandler led the library growth from the tiny space at 124 E Main to its current size. Barbara Smith became a board member in 2012. Genevieve Smith will become Ms. Chandler’s successor. 

Many other 20- to 30-year workers will be recognized. Honor them all by attending Wednesday’s celebration.

David E. Bentley