Benavent: A safe place to support sobriety

Carbondale’s nonprofit The Meeting Place (TMP) has recently launched its annual fundraiser. TMP provides a safe and supportive place for meetings and fellowship for people in recovery and their families. TMP currently hosts over 20 in-person and virtual recovery meetings each week, including 12-step, meditation and other recovery programs.

Offering space for fellowship and recovery meetings is integral to this region where few resources exist, and medical treatment can be prohibitively expensive.

Connection and engagement in community is critical to sobriety, both new and long term, as isolation fuels addiction and dysfunction. When people are able to get sober and maintain long term recovery, the entire community benefits.

Families are able to stabilize and heal. Children are able to focus on school and healthy development. Individuals improve work productivity by showing up consistently and remain out of local emergency rooms and legal trouble.

Public health overall is improved, and communities thrive.

Please consider donating in support of this critical community resource.

Board of Directors: Jeff Anderson, Craig Bushong, Daniel Benavent, Kameron Blair, Alex Minno, Kim Reil, Brett Thompson, Taj VanWinkle.

For more information:

Daniel Benavent