Bech: Flip of the script

Jon Meacham, a noted historian, has good reason to say that it is a slippery time for U.S. democracy, but his rationale is all wrong. 

Meacham states: “A huge chunk of this country is willing to violate the rule of law out of devotion to a person and a party … above the common good.” 

Yet Jon does not state what rules of law this huge chunk of country is willing to violate. 

I see the same problem, but what I see is the other party willing to defund the police, to blame almost every issue on race, to promote a fictional version (critical race theory) of our nation’s history, to curtail freedom of speech and religion if it isn’t consistent with their view — no freedom of debate if you don’t like the others’ ideas and views, and no freedom to exercise freely your religious beliefs if they don’t conform with this new world view. 

Likewise, the nuclear family is to be denigrated if it gets in the way of honoring those who have lifestyles or their gender identification which is not consistent with those religious beliefs and which are no longer shameful, but to be celebrated.

There are two systems of justice — one for Democrats and another for Republicans, particularly supporters of Trump. This is hypocrisy by those who are rulers because “no one is above the law” except those who are rulers. 

Why didn’t Trump order the raids on Hillary or Hunter? Because Republicans, even Trump, follow the rule of law. 

Why do the Democrats call for changes in our political rules — filibuster, number of Supreme Court justices, voting rules when they can’t get their way through the lawful democratic processes?

Is it any wonder that huge chunks of the country are opposed to these progressive ideas and to the acts of many who make our cities unsafe and individuals fearful of speaking out? 

To blame this huge chink of the country on one person sounds a lot like the quote that suggested that half of Americans are deplorable. What is deplorable is the use of power to create fear and to result in the curtailment of rights of those — even those with whom we disagree.

Power corrupts and, in this case, the Democrat Party has become corrupt. This great country will return to the rule of law, limited government, property rights and fundamental freedoms for everyone — even those with whom we disagree.

Doug Bech

Houston and Aspen