Beal: Can be proud of these kids |

Beal: Can be proud of these kids

Recently, I was frantically trying to park at UPS on Main Street to mail some boxes home. I was struggling to park because the only place available was the bus lane, which was not a good spot.  

I had accidentally raised the back of my car, and, unfortunately, I could not see how far to back.  Two boys were walking by my car, stopped and were trying to help, guiding me how far to back my car. 

I rolled down my window, and they reminded me so much of my two grandsons here. I finally did get in a parking space with their help. Then, they offered to help me take packages inside to be mailed! I got out of my car and asked about them. One was a student at Aspen High School, and one was in middle school!  

For those of you who are uncertain about the values of young people these days, you need to re-evaluate your opinion. To thank their parents for raising such fine young men, I am very appreciative, and you should give them a pat on the back!

They were very polite, very helpful, responded to an old woman needing some help and accomplished a needed task for me. We went inside, and I offered to pay them for their service — and they declined!  

Let all of us adults who have to deal with traffic, traffic, traffic every day please take a moment and be thankful that we have responsible parents of youngsters here who have had great upbringing. Hats off to these parents!

Lynda Beal

Aspen and Midland

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