Bauer: Joe Disalvo is not Bob Braudis |

Bauer: Joe Disalvo is not Bob Braudis

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I’m supporting Michael Buglione for Pitkin County Sheriff. I was hired by Bob Braudis in 1988 to be a patrol deputy. I was a deputy and a patrol director for 24 years, resigning in 2012, two years into DiSalvo’s first term.

One of the first things Braudis told me was not to accept any gifts from anyone. Even a free cup of coffee was discouraged. Maybe DiSalvo never got that memo, as he has admitted to accepting several expensive gifts from friend Lance Armstrong. 

I’ve had several recent conversations with Buglione, and he has convinced me that he will be a hands-on sheriff and devoted to being in the office regularly, unlike DiSalvo. Buglione has purchased a home in Pitkin County, not in Palm Springs.  

Also, Buglione is not in favor of a new jail. He wants to spend money instead to build affordable housing for deputies, not unnecessary housing for inmates. He is in favor of building an addition onto current jail if Pitkin County ever needs more beds for inmates, which is unlikely. If this happens, I suggest naming the addition after Don Bird, the best jail administrator Pitkin County has ever had.

Vote Buglione for sheriff! Thank you. 

Joe Bauer