Bauer: Campaign report late |

Bauer: Campaign report late

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Andre Salvail, Aspen Daily News on Monday, Oct 24: “Sheriff Joe DiSalvo’s report for the latest campaign-finance period was not posted to the website along with the reports from the other candidates for countywide office in contested and uncontested races. Reached by phone on Sunday (Oct 23), DiSalvo said his campaign filed the report to the county clerk’s office, and that he was unsure why it had not been loaded onto the election site. However, he provided the Aspen Daily News with a copy of the report on Sunday evening.”

In a letter to the editor on Tuesday, Oct 25, Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder Ingrid Grueter stated about the news article, “The sheriff was questioned as to why his more recent finance report, which was due Oct. 18, was not included on the website. There’s a good reason for that: The sheriff had not yet submitted the report.”

Ms. Grueter continued: “In fact, Joe did not file his report to our office until Monday morning (Oct 24), or the day after he (DiSalvo) spoke to Salvail.”

Joe DiSalvo was wrong about his campaign report to Andre Salvail on Sunday night, Oct 23. As DiSalvo himself has stated regarding his disciplinary policy, “If you lie, you die” — a crude reference for termination of employment for lying. 

He is an elected official using one set of rules for employees and seems maybe like a different one for himself.

Joe Bauer