Basalt council candidate: Jennifer Riffle points to her established leadership |

Basalt council candidate: Jennifer Riffle points to her established leadership

Jennifer Riffle
Guest commentary
Jennifer Riffle

What does the future hold? What is certain is the Basalt Municipal Election on April 7, which is not postponed.

This is a less than predictable time in history and our future leaders will be responsible for great courage and outcomes. The community priorities are shifting immediately from BC (before COVID-19), during and AC (after COVID-19), which is incredibly important and complex. We are stronger and safer together than we are individually and the community will require leadership. I am willing and able to be one voice and collaborator of the seven individuals who represent you and our greater Basalt community.

The next four years will likely be an economic and societal transformation that will affect our community and how we govern to recover.

Frankly, the future of Basalt necessitates highly skilled governance that requires experienced leaders whom work well together and have a proven track record through crisis. The years 2016 to 2020 in Basalt held multiple crisis and we are stronger and more resilient. I am honored and proud to be part of your elected management team who brought our town to the stability we can bank on for tomorrow. I aspire and am able to serve you the next four years.

In an effort of brevity, I am excluding my platform, which you can find in previous articles and forums. Simply stated, I negotiate stalwartly for our community, economic and environmental sustainability. Our future holds much promise and prospect.

I thank you for voting and earnestly considering myself, Jennifer Riffle for your Basalt Town Council vote. Take care of yourself, and each other the best that we can.

Editor’s note: Leading up to the Basalt election April 7, The Aspen Times is publishing one guest commentary from each candidate. Riffle can be reached at