Basalt council candidate: Glenn Drummond ready to address corona aftermath |

Basalt council candidate: Glenn Drummond ready to address corona aftermath

Glenn Drummond
Guest commentary
Glenn Drummond

April 7, you will have the opportunity to vote for Basalt’s mayor and three council members. I am running for Basalt Town Council and I am asking for your vote.

I love our community and I want it to flourish in the decades ahead. I realized how much I enjoy the process of working with others toward a common goal when I volunteered on Basalt’s Parks Open Space and Trails Committee. I appreciate the rewarding feeling of being involved and giving back to the community.

I understand the time commitment that comes with this position and will put forth the effort required. I would be honored to have the privilege of representing the citizens of our great town. That is my motivation.

As a community, we need to evaluate the impact of our current unprecedented situation due to COVID-19. We will need to come together to mitigate the impacts on the employees and small businesses of our community. This should be our No. 1 priority. The new Town Council will need to do everything we can to help the businesses and employees that have been impacted by the current situation.

Businesses have been ordered to close their doors and employees have been furloughed or let go due to the efforts to contain the spread of the virus. These community members did the right thing and abided by the order of their government and ceased operation. These actions will prove to have saved lives in the long haul. They should not be penalized.

Recovering from this situation is going to require a great amount of cooperation and support from all of us.

When I decided to run for council, I had other goals in mind for the town of Basalt. I realize these goals should be put on the back burner for now. The most important thing we can do as a community is to help each other get through the times ahead.

Figuring out how to navigate this uncharted territory can be scary when thinking about going it alone. We all have a partnership in success: banks, landowners, business owners, tenants and employees. We have rallied behind each other to get through dire times before.

That is part of what makes Basalt the small-town community that we all know and love. Basalt is the community that will set the example of how supporting each other and working together can be the solution. If elected, addressing the impact of COVID-19 on the community will be my number one priority.

My name is Glenn Drummond and I am asking for your vote on April 7.

Editor’s note: Leading up to the Basalt election April 7, The Aspen Times is publishing one guest commentary from each candidate. He can be found on Facebook at @GlennDrummond4BasaltCouncil. He can be reached at

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