Balko: Small price to pay |

Balko: Small price to pay

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As Emergency Department physicians, we work closely with the Aspen Ambulance District (AAD) EMTs and paramedics, and we witness first-hand on a daily basis the high quality of care that they provide to our patients.

For this reason, we urge our community to vote yes on proposition 6A, supporting a mill levy increase for AAD.

As the ambulance call volumes have increased, it has become essential that we have two ambulances and crews available at all times to assure that there is a timely response to emergencies at all hours of the day and night. Neither we nor the community should accept anything less than rapid-response times when ambulance services are needed, as well as the most highly-trained staff and competent care, which is what AAD provides. 

As is the case with ambulance and fire departments all across the state and country, insurance re-imbursements don’t nearly cover the cost of operating emergency-medical services, and this is no less the case in Aspen. The mill-levy increase being requested from the community is a small price to pay for the right EMS response at the right time.
Vote yes on 6A.

Greg Balko, MD, and Catherine Bernard, MD

Snowmass Village