Baker: Tipsy Taxi, for the record |

Baker: Tipsy Taxi, for the record

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

On Saturday, Dec. 24, The Aspen Times ran an article headlined, “Plan ahead if you’ll be out celebrating, Sheriff’s Office urges.” This was a great message. However, the information in the article about Tipsy Taxi was inaccurate. Anyone who has lived in the Aspen area over the past four decades knows that Tipsy Taxi has been in service for over 39 years — far longer than the 13 years as stated in the article. 

Tipsy Taxi was the creation of Ellen Anderson on December 16, 1983. She was a deputy at the time, serving under Sheriff Dick Kienast, and administers the program to this day as a private citizen.

I know these facts because I was working there in 1983. History needs to be cherished, not changed to suit the lack of correct information. Just setting another story straight!

ReRe Baker

Editor’s note: The article stated the service had been in “continual” operation for 13 years. However, Tipsy Taxi was introduced in 1983. That fact has been added to the article.