AT endorsement: Daily, Mullins for Aspen City Council |

AT endorsement: Daily, Mullins for Aspen City Council

Earlier this year, we called for some fresh faces in Aspen to step up and run for City Council. We’re pleased to report that the campaign for the council’s two open seats attracted two contenders who will bring new ideas and perspectives to a board direly in need of them.

They are Art Daily and Ann Mullins.

Living 44 years in Aspen, Dailfor y has resided here longer than the three other candidates combined. But in terms of running for council, he is a fresh face, and we encourage residents to vote for him in Tuesday’s municipal election.

Daily is a seasoned attorney who understands the art of negotiating. Combine that skill set with his friendly demeanor, and we see Daily as being a councilman who will be an asset to a council that could use a good dose of old Aspen wisdom and perspective.

Daily also understands the history of Aspen’s downtown core and will respect the will of the people, not developers, when it comes to taking steps to creating vitality there.

Most important, we believe that Daily will keep the city’s best interests in mind whenever a tough decision is to be made. He has numerous contacts and relationships in town, and that cannot be discounted.

If we had to be pressed to note a shortcoming of Daily, it’s that he’s not as up to speed on the nuances of City Hall as he should be. However, he’s undoubtedly intelligent, so the learning curve for him won’t be an issue.

Mullins is a sharp candidate who already has a firm grasp of the government process. She has chaired the Aspen Historic Preservation Commission for the past three years and has been on the board for seven years.

Like Daily, she will be an advocate of smart, not fast, growth, in Aspen. Her background in urban design and landscape architecture makes her more than qualified to understand complex land-use issues that come before the City Council.

Additionally, Mullins would be a female on a council currently composed of just men. These guys could use a woman to help keep them in check; Mullins certainly fills that void.

We also commend the other two candidates, Jonny Carlson and Dwayne Romero, for running for City Council. No doubt, Romero is smart and savvy; however, his development interests make us nervous at a time when the city is at a crossroads.

Carlson simply does not have the chops to be a member of the City Council.

Daily and Mullins, meanwhile, dovetail with this newspaper’s overall philosophy of what Aspen holds as its chief values: preservation over runaway growth, maintaining small-town character, setting an environmental example and realizing that Aspen, while always changing, should not be turned into a strip mall like Vail.

Not only that, but both are approachable, kind and highly intelligent.

On Tuesday, vote Art Daily and Ann Mullins for Aspen City Council.


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