Aspen will be better with Lift One |

Aspen will be better with Lift One

Aspen is a ski town. Voting “yes” for Lift One corridor is a must for us to remain a world-class ski town. Aspen enjoys amenities that no other ski town in America enjoys — the Aspen Institute, Aspen Music Festival and School, Aspen Recreation Center, Ideas Fest, Aspen Art Museum, Rio Grande trail system and much more.

There is an axiom used by ski-area management organization that follows: A ski area is a three-legged stool. Uphill capacity, downhill capacity and the ability to support all three, meaning infrastructure such as hotels, employee housing, lifts.

We have a broken leg of the three, which is Lift 1A. Our bed base has dwindled by 1,700 beds over the years. This project can replace 160 rooms of this deficit. In two years, the lift will no longer be able to be certified by the Tramway Board as there are no parts for a 49-year-old lift. Our housing crisis has been exacerbated by the city of Aspen buying close to $30 million in properties that have been designated for employee housing — BMC West, 4.6 acres and the adjacent 3 acres, Burlingame Phase 3 that six consecutive City Councils have refused to build. Aspen Skiing Co,, the town of Basalt, Lift One corridor have and will be building employee housing while the city has spent money for luxury homes in the West End with a negative ROI for 10 years. Please read a article in The Red Ant that displays the myths of the project.

It’s time to fix the broken leg of our great mountain. A certain city councilman has spread much misinformation via ACRA, other outlets and has been called to the mat for the same. Vote “yes” for Aspen. Vote “yes” for Lift One corridor.

Eddie Liebowitz