Aspen Times Roses and Thorns |

Aspen Times Roses and Thorns

Roses to the law enforcement officers and other emergency responders who play a critical role in the Winter X Games. The officers who patrolled the grounds in sub-zero temperatures Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights deserve a particularly hearty shout-out. In addition to roses they should get a winter’s supply of hand and foot warmers. More roses go the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority drivers and other ones helping with public transportation during this hectic event.

Thorns to the skiers and snowboarders who were going too fast on the slopes for their abilities during X Games weekend. A person needed their head on a swivel Saturday and Sunday at Snowmass. Speed doesn’t make up for lack of experience, you speed demons.

Thorns to whomever was behind what was happening at the Gondola Plaza during the X Games. There was a Red Bull truck with music and nothing else. “Weak. Two other vehicles totally closed up. Very boring. Could’ve been amazing,” reported one reader.

Roses to Gwyn’s High Alpine Restaurant at Snowmass Ski Area for coming into the 21st century. The remodel makes the place substantially more functional. The lounge right inside the front door has already become a fun hangout.

And, in closing, a bouquet of fresh roses to Su Lum, and good wishes on her next journey.