Aspen Times Roses and Thorns (April 24, 2020) |

Aspen Times Roses and Thorns (April 24, 2020)

• Roses to Aspen Branch and Aspen Fire for the free plants on Earth Day. It was a fun treat to get a beautiful bloom to cheer up a gloomy time.

• Roses to the people and stores in Glenwood Springs who are abiding by that city’s mandatory face mask rules. While Aspen officials seem to be overthinking it, the new law at the other end of the valley seems to be going just fine.

The stores, many of which have checkpoints at the door to meter people going in for masks and for numbers, have lines outside but they are orderly. On a recent supply trip, we experienced the changes were not an issue at the bigger box stores, most of which had organized systems in place and signs clearly saying no mask, no entry.

• Thorns to the liquor store employee in the Basalt area who cussed out a customer this week simply for asking why their employees weren’t wearing protective masks. Asking a question regarding public health shouldn’t ignite vitriol — especially during a global pandemic.

• Thorns to those folks who seem to be coming to the mountains from other place and some of our residents who are going out to other communities to find recreation. Just stay home and in our area.

If the governor continues to tell Front Rangers not to go to the mountains to recreate, those of us in the mountains should remember to keep our travel radius tight. It doesn’t matter if you’re 6 feet apart, wearing a mask, camping miles from anyone and following all the social-distancing guidelines; we do not need to take our germs to them or bring theirs back here. Stay home, stay safe. It’s not that hard to understand but is hard to do.

• “Having had reservations about shopping at Carl’s Pharmacy since they moved outside, I have been twice and a big shout out to their staff — especially sweet, pleasant, very efficient Courtney.” — submitted by reader Cindy Fioron.

• To FedEx delivery men Bill and Jeff, who make time every week to call publisher Sam Johnston’s cellphone (posted on the door of The Aspen Times) when they have packages. “Their care and commitment to making sure we get our deliveries is above and beyond and I’m really grateful for another example of community,” Johnston said.

• A big bag of roses goes to Karin Teague, executive director of the Independence Pass Foundation, who was spotted recently walking the pass with a big bag of dog poop. She spent her valuable time to literally pick up other people’s crap. Or, their dogs’ crap. Thank goodness there are people like Teague around, to make up for the crap heads who can’t take less than a minute to pick up after their dog. What took Teague a day or more to do could’ve taken less than 30 seconds for a responsible pet owner. So thorns to all of those who look the other way when their dog dumps a deuce.

• A rose goes to Aspen Skiing Co. for continuing to groom the slopes for uphill skiers and snowboarders. It serves as a respite for those who need to be outside and clear their heads during these difficult times.