Aspen Times Editorial: Vote for Butler, Shenk and Goode for Snowmass council |

Aspen Times Editorial: Vote for Butler, Shenk and Goode for Snowmass council

With so many important issues on the horizon for Snowmass Village, selecting the right members to serve on the Town Council is as important as ever.

The next council will be involved in approvals for the completion of Base Village under its new ownership, the future of Snowmass Discovery and an updating of the Comprehensive Plan, which the town refers to as its “most influential and significant planning document of the community.”

There are three candidates — Jamie Knowlton and incumbents Alyssa Shenk and Tom Goode — running for two council seats, and two candidates — Richard Goodwin and incumbent Markey Butler — running for mayor. The Snowmass Sun is endorsing all incumbents because the ship is being steered in the right direction and we think this council deserves to stay intact.

Goodwin is too focused on representing the interests of Base Village homeowners rather than all constituents. He has made that single issue the focus of his campaign, and given the fact that he has sued the town of Snowmass Village twice — including an appeal he filed just weeks ago that could take years to come to a conclusion — we don’t think it makes sense to support a candidate who’s in the midst of suing the town for which he’s running to serve.

Butler has proven during her time as mayor that she’s a thoughtful leader and knows how to run meetings. She does her homework and guides consensus on a council that doesn’t always see eye to eye. She takes a hard look at complicated issues, such as Base Village and most recently the town’s ongoing support of Snowmass Discovery, and is a good steward of taxpayer dollars.

Challenger Jamie Knowlton has proven he has a passion for Snowmass, and we think he’s a good candidate who could be a positive addition to the council; however, the Snowmass Sun wants to see Shenk and Goode finish the good work they’ve started. Shenk was appointed to the board two years ago when Butler won the mayoral seat. Shenk has added important representation for families living in Snowmass, a key perspective for a town that prides itself on its family-friendliness. She prepares for meetings and adds thoughtful insight to the issue. She works well with the other council members and keeps the best intentions for Snowmass at heart.

Goode deserves more time because he’s a true public servant with a love for his town. He won a special election for former Councilman Chris Jacobson’s seat just one year ago and has proven himself as an important voice on the council. Even as he faced a tough health obstacle this past year while battling cancer, he only missed one meeting. He feels up for the job and is enthusiastic about where Snowmass is heading.

As Butler put it in an interview with The Aspen Times, “This council has established a working relationship, we know when we disagree and how to move the needle.”

We think these incumbents will continue to move the needle in the right direction for Snowmass.

The Aspen Times editorial board consists of Publisher Samantha Johnston, Editor Lauren Glendenning, Managing Editor Rick Carroll and community members Bob Braudis and Kathryn Koch.