Aspen Times Editorial: Clinton for President |

Aspen Times Editorial: Clinton for President

Lest we’ve forgotten, the presidential race, for all of its reality-television drama, is serious business.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been knocked silly by the right, and even the Bernie Sanders-supporting left, in her run for the White House.

She’s still standing tall but bruised in the wake of the rhetorical pile-ons, mystery emails and unrivaled attacks on her, many of which are because of her gender.

Is she charismatic or a great orator? That’s debatable, but one thing is clear: Hillary Clinton is an astute and savvy a politician as they come and won’t let America’s image go spiraling into the waste bin of modern history. As for opponent Donald Trump, his explosive, freewheeling rhetoric for the past 18 months should not only give Americans pause, it should make us frightened.

For sure, Clinton is hardly perfect — can you name one president who was? — but we are confident she has the chops and mettle as leader of the free world.

It is indisputable that Clinton’s experience in domestic and foreign policy, from her time both as the first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state, make her primed to take the next step. She has taken progressive stances on civil rights and educational policy, and her career in public service spans 40 years, including co-founding Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.

And unlike Trump, she views America as an inclusive country comprised of many cultures, religions and values. Also, unlike Trump, you won’t see her blow a gasket when she’s criticized. She is thick-skinned and reasonable under pressure.

The stakes are too high and the polls are too close in this presidential race to vote for a third-party candidate or not vote at all. Hillary Clinton has shown us that she is superior to the Republican nominee, and the entire field of Democrats and Republicans, for that matter. This is not a game; it is serious stuff.

The Aspen Times endorses Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States. It should come as no shocker that this newspaper takes this position, but as far as we are concerned, she is the only choice.

The Aspen Times editorial board consists of Publisher Samantha Johnston, Editor Lauren Glendenning, Managing Editor Rick Carroll and community members Bob Braudis and Kathryn Koch.

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