Aspen needs Skippy Mesirow

When I first met Skippy Mesirow I thought, “Who is this guy dressed so nice and hair so … up?” He has a look about him that makes you wonder, “What kind of Aspen character is he?” And you all know, we have many. But literally, once you hear him speak you know he is genuine, not to mention incredibly kind. I’ve never met anyone so emotionally invested in Aspen and I just know his heart is in the right place … as well as his hair.

Skippy means business and wants what’s best for Aspen. Period. He’s not afraid to disagree with you, but will always listen to your side and honestly take your words into consideration. We need a mix-up on council. We need a millennial voice on council. We need action and change. We need Skippy. It’s time.

Either way you swing this election, get out and vote March 5!

Ashley Feddersen