Aspen Historical Society: Applause for Aspen’s parks department

Aspen Historical Society applauds the City of Aspen Parks and Recreation Department on the addition of the Dolinsek Gardens to the roster of inspired community spaces.

The new park, in one of the city’s most historical locations at the base of Aspen Mountain, features the thoughtful inclusion of artifacts from the Dolinsek property that offer the public a peek into the past and the family’s 100 years of stories. The bathtub, clothesline, planters and plants from their gardens, and many other creative touches also represent a lasting tribute to the family and their foresight and generosity to ensure the creation of the park.

Visitors can step back in time at the park while enjoying the tranquil green space with its heritage trees, flowering meadow, and outdoor seating. We are confident the community will enjoy the new park as much as we do!

Aspen Historical Society