Aspen City Council lives in a world of delusion |

Aspen City Council lives in a world of delusion

From Carolyn Sackariason’s Jan. 29 report on the demise of the Boomerang Lodge project “[T]he cost of pulling the building permit alone is around $850,000.”

From Carolyn’s Jan. 28 report on the proposed restaurant at Little Annie’s: “[A] November 2015 deed restriction placed on the property by the city of Aspen . . . says, “Low-priced restaurant means a restaurant offering menu items priced not more expensively, on a relative basis, when compared to other sit-down restaurants in Aspen, Colorado, than the current menu prices. Current menu prices are deemed those prices in the menu in effect at the Little Annie’s Restaurant on September 23, 2015.”

City Council, hello! You can’t impose countless irrational rules, regulations and out of pocket costs on entrepreneurs and expect them to build and operate the kind of town you are hallucinating in your weed-enhanced imaginations.


Maurice Emmer