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Anderson: Most enlightened choice

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I worked with Michael Buglione as a colleague at the Sheriff’s Office for years and as a fellow volunteer at the Hope Center when it first started.

He is experienced. With 17 years in law enforcement, both as a patrol officer and as director of operations, he will as newly-elected sheriff take the reins on day one.

He is a true public servant. He has a track record of commitment to Pitkin County as a peace officer, homeowner, community volunteer and dad. He is respectful to everyone. I saw, first-hand how he treats absolutely everyone with dignity — victims, suspects and (as deputy coroner) the deceased and surviving family and friends.

Buglione is compassionate. He has a big heart and truly cares about everyone, including those with mental-health challenges.

We are lucky to have such a qualified and committed long-time local candidate for sheriff who will lead by example and be present every day, right here at home, to serve the public and support his deputies and staff.

He will stop the current waste of Pitkin taxpayers’ money spent on shipping inmates to Garfield County. He will advocate for providing housing for deputies, so they can live in Pitkin County and actually be part of our community, available for quick call-out for Pitkin emergencies.

He will make us proud that we have the most enlightened sheriff since Bob Braudis. Please vote Michael Buglione for sheriff.

Ellen W. Anderson