Anderson: According to 2004 arrest report |

Anderson: According to 2004 arrest report

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As a taxpayer and former Pitkin deputy sheriff, I believe the most important quality our sheriff can have is respect for everyone, every single person. Michael Buglione has that. Joe DiSalvo does not.

A surprising number of voters have forgotten that in 2004, Joe DiSalvo (off-duty Pitkin County deputy sheriff at the time) was arrested by Aspen Police for punching a man in the face at Jimmy’s restaurant in Aspen. Even those who do remember are startled to learn that, according to the case report, the victim stated that DiSalvo not only punched him, but also spit on him. The girlfriend of the victim stated that DiSalvo spit on her, too. 

The Aspen Police case report number is 04A000869. You, too, can see this case report through open records. The name of the man DiSalvo punched is Thomas Drake. Drake’s girlfriend’s name is Gwendolyn Dickinson. The following is a verbatim quote from page 8, part of Aspen Police Officer Crowley’s report: “Drake said DiSalvo hit him in the face. Drake said DiSalvo also pushed him against a wall in the hallway and spit on him. G. Dickinson told me she was also spit on by Disalvo.” 

Vote Michael Buglione for sheriff. Integrity, intelligence, experience, compassion — and respect for all.

Ellen W. Anderson