Altfeld: Doing an excellent job

An important election for the citizens of Aspen is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 8.

As an attorney and trial lawyer, I have had over the years close contact with law-enforcement personnel. My background, I believe, puts me in a good position to objectively judge and evaluate public servants.

The role of the sheriff in our city is an important one. Over the last three terms, Joe DiSalvo and his staff have consistently performed an excellent job of protecting us, advising us, patrolling our neighborhoods, enforcing our laws, rescuing our citizens and visitors in need as well as allowing us to feel secure as we go about our daily lives. 

We, as a community should feel lucky that DiSalvo is not retiring and is seeking another four-year term. As a long-time resident of Pitkin County, I have followed his career closely. My personal encounters with him throughout his career continue to impress me. He is thoughtful, respectful, judicious, not one to make snap judgments and has deservedly and repeatedly earned the respect of this wonderful community he has devotedly served. 

During his three previous terms, he had big shoes to fill after Bob Braudis retired. In my judgment, he has filled them well and deserves another term. 

Phil Altfeld