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Allard: One Christian view

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Just a quick response to Michael Horst’s excellent question: Why did God create Satan?

Satan was created with the name Lucifer and was considered evidently ‘superior’ in knowledge to all the other Angels.

When God created both Angelic (first) and (later) Human life, He gave each “free will.”
Simple logic reveals that the Creator is infinitely and eternally above and beyond all that He created.

Lucifer, in exercising his free will, decided that he was superior to God his creator. Lucifer had his followers.

In absolute denial of his inferior condition to his Creator, Lucifer committed the “first sin” against God, that sin of “pride.” 

In punishment for this “unforgiveable sin,” Lucifer was condemned to Hell, which is an “eternal” condition.

Blessings to you, Michael, for your insightful query. 

Art Allard

Vail and Aspen