AEF: Grateful for the help |

AEF: Grateful for the help

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The board of the Aspen Education Foundation (AEF) is always grateful for those in the community who care about what we do. 

AEF raises money to elevate our Aspen public schools. Together, with the commitment of our parent body and school administration, we have brought to fruition the International Baccalaureate program for the whole district, additional mental health counselors in our elementary and middle schools, a newly-developed teacher-retention plan, and an Outdoor Education coordinator to name just a few of the opportunities made possible by AEF.

We like to say that our children don’t have the power to change the quality of their education, but we do. It is truly inspiring. 

The majority of our fundraising happens at our annual event, which includes a live auction. Parents from all area schools, as well as local businesses, join together to support our students. 

Mr. Armstrong has been very supportive of AEF and our local public school, where his two children are in attendance. He has given of his time for the auction every year for the last five years, as well as the use of his plane. He has rallied his friends to support the pickleball tournament (Chris Everet, Jimmie Johnson) and has asked for nothing in return. Every year, we have bidders raising their paddle to purchase an item with Mr. Armstrong — most notably pickleball because he laughs his way through it. There are no children at our fundraiser, and the winner of the item chooses to be the winner. 

After a letter to the editor suggested that our donors return their money, they refused. These generous families purchased the item, so that the money would be used to fund school counselors, academic support, and college counseling. They would never want their money to be taken away from the school. 

Finally, we trust that the incredible teachers at the Aspen School District are helping to shape strong students and we don’t believe our auction item impacts that progress. 

Please know that you can always call AEF at 970-429-3626 to discuss this further. 

Aspen Education Foundation