Yvonne Marie Hernandez

Yvonne Marie Hernandez left us on the long light ray of Cancer’s Full Moon on Christmas night. Yvonne’s Sun sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so it was the perfect time for Yvonne to fulfill her destiny as only Yvonne would.

Yvonne was born in Yorktown, Texas, on July 2, 1953. She graduated from Incarnate Word High School 1971, and graduated University of Texas Nursing in 1975. She worked at the Veterans Hospital in San Antonio before heading to Aspen by way of CA.

After a stint of waitressing at the Jerome Breakfast Room and some time behind the wheel of a High Mountain taxi, Yvonne, thankfully, returned to nursing. She worked ICU at Aspen Valley Hospital, while doing an excellent job, she was able to earn her Masters degree in Public Health from the

University of Colorado. From AVH she went work for Pitkin County Community health services as Director from 1997 to 2006, from there she transitioned to Nurse Family Partnership for 8 years. She was invaluable to many Latino mothers’ because of their shared common bonds, language and Yvonne’s warmth, compassion, and humor. In 2014 Yvonne joined Mountain Family Health Center where she was employed at the time of her passing.

Yvonne was very active on numerous boards such as Aspen Hope Foundation and Response. She spent endless hours teaching CPR/First Aid and Medication Administration Certification in the Roaring Fork Valley. Those who worked with Yvonne saw her as a wonderful mentor in life and work.

Yvonne’s personal life was as rich and rewarding as her professional life.

She travelled often, going to music festivals, visiting friends, Mexico, Cuba, China, Jamaica, and the Caribbean. She had a wonderful partner in her husband, Michael Forde. They had been together 25 years and married 13 years. She had a huge circle of loyal friends that she shared her laughter, her house, and her indomitable spirit and joy. Her 4th of July Taco parties were legendary. As a friend she was always there with her support and unique point of view.

She was a shining light! As Candy Forde, her sister-in-law, said Yvonne “taught her how to dance as if no one was watching.”

Yvonne, those who knew and loved you will miss you forever, but your light and laughter will always be with us. They include your husband, Michael, your mother, Tillie Hernandez, sister Sandy Gutierrez, cousin Peggy, nephew Joey, niece Miranda, and family and friends too nu-merous to name.

Continue to dance, “Yolanda”, as if no one is watching, but we will always be looking for you.

A Celebration of Yvonne’s life will be held Jan 23th at the Mountain Chalet upstairs from 12-3 p.m. We invite everyone to share in honoring Yvonne and the joy she shared with us.