Stephen P. Twomey, III

March 8, 1948 — July 6, 2015

Stephen P. Twomey, III, also known as BABA, passed away quietly in home hospice on July 6, 2015 with his wife Lyndee by his side. He was born on March 8, 1948 in Los Angeles, California to parents Stephen P. Twomey, II and Genevieve Bannister Twomey.

Stephen moved to Aspen to live full time in the early 1980’s after first visiting this area in the 1970’s. He loved Aspen’s majestic scenery and never tired of walking alone through wooded areas to find his own personal form of serenity. He met his wife Lyndee Dean in Aspen in 1984 and they were married on June 7, 1986. Stephen worked a variety of jobs in Aspen including his two favorite, the Local’s Corner Aspen Store and Carl’s Pharmacy. He so enjoyed playing his keyboard at the Aspen Store and in various places in town for both locals and tourists alike. He loved bringing a smile to everyone’s face with his music.

He is survived by his wife, Lyndee Dean and his brothers John, Mick, and Jerry and his sisters Betsy, Sue and Kathy.

There will be no memorial service. Because Stephen had a great love for space travel, his ashes will be put on a small rocket and sent into Earth’s orbit to circle the planet until reentering Earth’s atmosphere and burning out like a shooting star.

In lieu of flowers, Stephen asked that we all be good to one another and that we all help put an end to bullying.