Polly White Thomson

June 16, 1917 — February 3, 2018

As Polly White Thomson would say, “At some point in time, we all come from humble beginnings”. Hers were in Addington, Oklahoma; June 16, 1917; named Charlotte, yet always known as Polly. She spent close to 20 years in Palm Beach, Florida, but most of her life was in Aspen, Carbondale and Denver, Colorado.

Recently, her apartment overlooked Cheeseman Park in Denver. It offered her the best of all worlds. Sunrises, reflected sunsets, all kinds of folks walking their dogs, playing games or even marching for their respective causes. She had her “park people” whom she met while walking her dog, Bitsy. Her neighbors in her building were always of interest. Many cared for her in a personal way. She lived independently until her final days, thanks to her safe surroundings.

Her riches were family, animals and the magic of Mother Nature. Her spirit and well-being thrived on the love of creatures, great and small, two-legged humans and birds, four-legged dogs and horses. She loved meeting new people and cherished the friends she had. She gave us a love for beauty, a good time, and curiosity about new things. Politics intrigued and annoyed her. Setting a table and cooking for a dinner party or a brunch kept her busy for days. For many years, she followed her favorite jazz groups in Aspen and Denver. Perhaps some of her happiest times were at the ranch in Carbondale and at Woods Lake. She was always ready for the next adventure.

And let’s remember, Polly was in Aspen when the thing to do was ski from the T-bar at the base of Little Nell to the Jerome Bar. When Lift 1A was a single chair with robes on it and the Sundeck was mostly “deck”. Streets were unpaved and everyone knew one another. Her pals were the Pfister’s, Brown’s, Sabbatini’s and Kelly’s, to name a few. The Golden Horn and Red Onion were favorite hot spots. Plus so much more. She had stories, for sure!

At 100+ years, she was often asked “What is your secret?” She might jokingly say “Vodka” . but then clarify, “Attitude! Attitude is everything.” She believes one’s spirit lives on in the hearts of those we leave behind. Her spirit definitely belongs to all who knew her. She was an awesome Mom/Granny and friend.

Her family includes her daughters and their families: Penney (Dennis) Carruth and Sally Carlson. Grandchildren: Thos Evans (Abbey Bergeron); Kara Evans (David Simpson); Allison Carruth (Barron Bixler); Ryan Carruth and Ashley Carruth; Polly (Jeff) Ashley; and Kirk Hahn. Her great-grandchildren: Michael Ashley, Kelsey Ashley and Cecilia Elliott.

Her extended family includes step-daughter Chris (Norm) Smith and step-granddaughters: Kim (Michael) Marsh, Shelley Brown (Mike Rosenberg), Cecily (Mike) Klein, Tracy (Jim) McInnes. Plus six step-grandchildren.

Her favorite charity is Habitat for Humanity. If appropriate, please make a contribution to a Colorado chapter or the charity of your choice. A celebration of Polly’s life will be held on Saturday, March 10, 2:00-4:30 at the Botanic Gardens in Denver at 1007 York Street. Parking is free as are the gardens.