Obituary: Vladimir Kuchar |

Obituary: Vladimir Kuchar

Vladimir Kuchar
Vladimir Kuchar
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February 7, 1953 – September 24, 2021

On September 24 in Valleyview Hospital of Glenwood Springs Colorado; Vladimir Kuchar or better known as “Vlado” took his final breaths while fighting for his life with multiple life changing implications, rapidly depleting his health. Vlado was well known around Aspen Colorado making many friends, somehow grabbing a grin from everyone he met. Vladimir would find his way to Aspen Valley of Colorado from the Czech Republic where he found friendship, love, lovers and a love for life. Aspen Mountain became his home away from home, skiing during his freetime and working in the meantime. Vladimir used his astounding masonry skills to make a living in aspen up until his death. You could usually find Vlado at one or another local pubs lively speaking with friends and strangers giving positive emphasis to everyone’s atmospheres. Everyone that knew him would be greeted with a, “Hey hey you…valho.” He loved his dog Bindilou always taking her for walks and soaking up the sunshine together or staying in and watching the World News together. Vladimir was surrounded by his friends and family; Peter, Caroline, Harold, Naoma, Sammy, Jeremy, Monty, Howard. Though his physical form has faded away he will always call Aspen his home. Vladimir Kuchar was the embodiment of the Aspen Spirit and fought to change his life up until the very end. A warrior. A free thinker. A loyal friend. A loving lover. He was Vladimir, the definition of what freethinkers are capable of. He will be missed by many and never forgotten.