Obituary: Theresa St. Laurent |

Obituary: Theresa St. Laurent

Theresa St. Laurent
~ January 18, 2020

Our fierce and beautiful mother, Theresa St. Laurent, passed away on the morning of Saturday, January 18 with her children at her bedside. She is survived by her daughter Dr. Brandy St. Laurent and son Anderson Cole. Theresa fell in love with Colorado when she was stranded in a blizzard during a cross-country road trip. She woke up the next morning in the beautiful little town of Redstone, CO and said to herself “I need to live here.” She went home to save up and pack, moved to Redstone, and has been in the valley for the past 40 years.

Theresa was a talented artist, avid reader, and a writer. She found her artistic expression as a decorative artist and started her own painting company, The St. Laurent Studio Inc., where she enjoyed creating beautiful spaces and finely detailed furniture. She was in her element painting at the top of a ladder, fearless and strong.

Theresa was most proud of being a good mother. She told Brandy that the feeling that she carried throughout our life together was a deep joy. She creatively guided both of her children toward lives of purpose and felicity. She encouraged them in adventurous careers leading outdoor trips (Anderson) and collecting malaria mosquitoes in the tropics (Brandy). Theresa wanted the world for her children, so she sent them out into that world very capable and loved.

We will be holding a celebration of Theresa’s life in Redstone on Saturday, June 27th. We have also created a memorial fund ( This is the best way to support Theresa’s children through this difficult time along with your thoughts, prayers, and stories that lift us up and remind us of her amazing life. We know that Theresa lives on in all of us. We will remember her for her warmth, her passionate intensity, her intelligence, sense of humor, and kindness.