Obituary: Michael Raymond Reveal |

Obituary: Michael Raymond Reveal

January 3, 1985 – May 1, 2022

Michael Raymond Reveal was born in Aspen, CO, on January 3rd, 1985 – the first baby that year. A beloved husband, father, son, brother, and friend. He left this world on May 1st, 2022, at age 37.

Those who know Michael understand that it is an impossible task to sum up the incredible life he lived, the wonderful human he is, or to honor all those he touched. Michael made an unforgettable mark on those around him. He had a devotion to the life he had made for himself and to the people that made his world go round. In many ways, the proverbial clock of our community stopped spinning the moment Michael left this world. He was a rock, a glacial boulder in the middle of the valley; he was Red Butte, something we assumed would always be there, a constant and comforting presence.

Michael came from a long line of ski legends. The Reveals moved to Aspen in 1983 when Jon, Michael’s father, got a job as Mountain Manager. MC, Michael’s mother, taught skiing for 32 years with ASC (Aspen Skiing Co). Skiing to the Reveals is a way of life, and Michael wanted nothing but to immerse himself in all mountain-related activities. He was an ASC ski instructor on Snowmass Mountain and a local Aspen Valley Ski Club coach who was able to flawlessly combine his passion into a career.

Michael measured success in life by love, and he succeeded beyond measure with the love he gave and the love he received. His Uncle Pierre influenced his passion for life in France from a young age and always told him and his brother, Stefan, to enjoy the present moment – which Michael did with true “joie de vivre.”

Michael loved his wife, Casarae, and their two-year-old twin boys (Audric and Atticen) more than anything – he was a family man above all else. He and Casarae spent over ten years traveling the world, growing together, building their dream life, and combining their immense amount of friends after meeting in college at Montana State University. After having kids, their goal was to raise them as worldly mountain boys – just like Michael.

Michael took to fatherhood in a way that reaffirmed the quality of his being. He loved his two boys, and if you spoke to him for more than a few minutes, you would have heard about them and his wife, Casarae. He was so proud; he only wanted the best for them, which meant filling their passports with new countries, the finest ski gear, and an affinity for reading books.

His love for his mother, MC, who Michael called “Maman,” was also without bounds. He would call her almost every day and ensure MC was loved, cared for, and close to her grandchildren.

Michael will forever be remembered for his contagious laugh, beautiful style of skiing, fondness for the French way of life, and above everything else, his love and devotion for his wife and children.

Michael’s father, Jon, recently passed away. Michael is survived by his wife, Casarae; two-year-old twin boys, mother, MC; brother, Stefan; sister-in-law, Sara; father-in-law, Allen; mother-in-law, Rita, stepmother-in-law, Linda, sister-in-law, Alyssa; brother-in-law, Mick; stepmother, Kim; stepbrother, Griffin; and one niece and two nephews.

A celebration of life is scheduled for June 12th on Aspen Mountain. Upload at 1:30 PM. In lieu of flowers, please consider supporting his family with a donation to his memorial fund set up locally at Alpine Bank and online via To honor Michael, live passionately, ski your favorite run, slay brown pow, enjoy the sun on your face, and explore the world.