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Obituary: Michael Annan

Michael Annan
Michael Annan
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December 11, 1931 – December 18, 2022

Michael Staley Annan of Davao City, Phillipines, died in Pattaya, Thailand on December 18, 2022 at the age of 91 while receiving cancer treatment. Michael was born in Chicago to Mary Louise Staley and John William Keelin and grew up in Lake Forest with his mother and his stepfather, David Hugh Annan. He is survived by his wife of 14 years, Monaliza Magdadaro, his brother John William Annan, his sister Barbara Mary Annan, and his grandson Hunter Bode Erlick. He is also survived by his nieces and nephews Louise Johnson, Douglas Gorter, and Phaedra Annan. He is preceded in death by his three children; Michael “Bode” Staley Annan Jr., Tina Staley Annan, and Joshua Cosden Annan, and his nephew John Gorter. A private interment was held at the Lake Forest Cemetery in Lake Forest, Illinois on March 15, 2023.