Obituary: Keith Bulicz

Keith Bulicz
Provided Photo
Keith Bulicz

November 30, 1973 – December 12, 2020

On Saturday, December 12th, 2020, long time Aspen resident Keith Bulicz passed away. I am his brother, Kevin Bulicz. He loved Aspen from the first day he arrived some 20 years ago. He never wanted to leave this community, but unfortunately, he has. His spirit will always remain amongst the hills and sky. He was known by many and worked proudly for his community. He will be missed by many and will always remain in our family’s heart. I learned something from this experience. Sometimes when you’re too busy or annoyed or just self absorbed and a loved one calls you, put that aside and answer that call. One day you may not have that chance. I no longer have that chance. I wish I did. If there is one thing I can tell whom ever reads this is to take every chance you have to answer those opportunities, because one day you will not. I did not want to write a typical obituary, because Keith was not your typical person. He had his own ways, his own look, and his own appreciation for helping others before helping himself. In the end, he could not do what he did for others, for himself. Life can be very lonely. He would want you to know to love those around you and to answer that phone call, even when you’re busy. Sometimes I did not. And now I will never have that chance again. Take advantage of what you have now. Love when you can. And live to your best ability. If you feel alone, find people to help you, there is nothing to be ashamed of in doing so. There is always someone who will help you. That is what I think Keith would say. Thank you Aspen for giving Keith an amazing life. He loved it. Now he is free. With love, the Bulicz family. I will miss him very much.

-Kevin Bulicz