Obituary: Heidi Horner |

Obituary: Heidi Horner

Heidi Horner
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Heidi Horner

May 9, 1955 – September 4, 2020

The world lost a special soul on September 4.

Heidi Horner, after fifteen years of challenging the devastating effects of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia lost the life she had tenaciously embraced with unwavering passion.

Heidi was born in New Jersey, and after a few moves, settled with her family in Concord, New Hampshire. She was one of the first women accepted to St. Paul’s School, and after graduating, headed off to Wellesley College where she received her B.A. degree in Molecular Biology. She went on to obtain a PhD from Dartmouth Medical School which launched a highly successful and productive career in biological sciences and pharmaceuticals. Post-doctorate studies at Stanford University led to her position as a research scientist at Athena Neurosciences in California where she eventually moved into management.

Heidi’s sharp intellect in the field was undeniable. Her work on a breakthrough drug for Multiple Sclerosis is noted as one of her many highly acclaimed achievements.

She concluded her professional career serving as a principal at Aspen Neurosciences Institute for the past 10 years.

Heidi’s pursuits extended beyond academia. From her quest for Spanish fluency, to her great enthusiasm as amateur chef, to her superiority at crossword puzzles, she had a perpetual stack of books at the ready, studying multiple subjects at all times. She might have been a Mensa candidate but remained down to earth and unapologetic about such things as her addiction to the Food Network.

Despite the many hardships endured after diagnosis, there was Heidi, a smile beaming as she charged down to the wild surf with her boogie board in tow. She skied the slopes of Aspen with abandon. She persisted in the mastery of her 9-iron as if it were yet another of her degrees.

Heidi is remembered by her loving daughter Chloe. They were as close as mother/daughter can be. Heidi’s nephew Dan, whom she embraced as her own son, as well as her brother Glenn, his wife Diane, and their daughter Marley express their deep love and sorrow at her passing.

Along with family, a crew of adoring friends will always fondly remember this very unique and gifted soul, Heidi Horner.