Obituary: Eugene, Gene, Barabe

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Eugene, Gene,


February 2, 2030 – May 9, 2021

Gene was born and raised on Cape Cod. He passed away at his home in Falmouth at age 91. Gene and his wife, Becky Barabe, move to Aspen in 1964. Gene had been hired as chef at the Aspen Alps Club. He spent several seasons there before he was recruited by Mead Metcalf To be the chef at the Crystal Palace. Gene remained there for approximately eight years before moving to Mesa, Colorado in 1976.

He and Becky moved to an old hundred acre ranch near Powderhorn ski area. They also bought an old building fixed it up and turned it down to a restaurant.

Because of a suspected health reason Gene decided to return to his home on the Cape where he could be near all of his family.

Gene is survived by his ex wife, Becky Barabe, of California, his two sons and four daughters, as well as multiple grandchildren most of whom live on the Cape.