Obituary: Allan Duncan Bell IV

Allan Duncan Bell IV
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Allan Duncan

Bell IV

July 29, 1987 – September 18, 2020

Allan D. Bell IV, or “Duncan” to his many friends across the globe, died on September 18th, 2020 in Grand Junction, CO. Allan had a passion for life and all life’s adventures. The Pacific and Atlantic Oceans were his bathtub, the mountains of Colorado and Montana were his backyard, and the people that he met during his world travels were his rafting buddies, genius chefs, poi masters, handpan virtuosos, and partners in crime – but most of all his friends.

Allan had a passion for life that shines bright as the North Star in the night sky, his presence a guide to those who lost their way, his strength an unwavering ally to the underdog, his courage a hot ember setting ablaze his own unique path in life which sparked courage in others to pursue their dreams – never seeking approval or asking permission from anyone.

He was headstrong and confident by nature, a true man of his word, compassionate to all, and the disc jockey of his own life’s soundtrack. Allan was self-defined by his unwavering display of character and moral regard towards people from all walks of life. His smile alone was a force of nature, his laugh flowed into those around him like a seismic wave, outwardly radiating his electric energy for life, meanwhile indoctrinating others to pursue happiness without limitations or fear. When surrounded by his people, his personality was akin to fine champagne – bright, golden, and bubbling with a bit of dry humor.

He saw each day as an opportunity to manifest the life he envisioned, a chance to live a little more than the day before. Allan always did what he believed was right and no one was going to change that. He valued experiences over possessions, quality over quantity, adventure over monotony.

Allan was born in Virginia, though he called Central Texas home until the end of primary school. In 6th grade, he moved to North Florida where he resided until he graduated from High School.

Allan always attracted a following of quality friends to surround himself with. Many of whom were like a second family to him. Over the years, his inner circle multiplied as he fostered community through shared experiences across the globe. Allan found his niche (and tribe) through events with the Burner community spanning across Florida. Some of his happiest moments took place at events such as After Burn, Pre-Burn and Burning Man. He was able to master his fire poi flow, surrounded by good music and good people.

Southeast Asia offered an allure incomprehensible to any native of the Western World – the appeal of culture, geography, and cute little Asian woman instantly captured his heart. One year ago, on September 18th, Allan embarked on a journey of a lifetime, a culmination of his favorite destinations discovered over the span of his travels. He took his last trip to Asia, bringing along a dear friend. It was during this trip that he was called to visit a Monk where he received blessing through a traditional poke style tattoo, a painful process taking almost an entire day to complete.

As a beloved son and brother, he was, and always will be, a hero to his family. Not only did he teach us how to survive, he taught us what it means to live. He is the brightest star in the sky, our North Star, when lost or frozen in fear, when scared to move forward, when holding our breath hoping to disappear we will look up at the North Star and find brother, son, friend – the light that guides us home.

Allan was the son of Carol Bell and the late Allan Duncan Bell III, stepson of Mitchell McCune, brother of Pamela and Erynn Bell Wood, brother in-law of Anthony Wood, nephew to 3 aunts, 2 uncles and cousin to 12.

Due to constraints of COVID, a celebration of life will be postponed and decided upon at a later date when all his loved ones can attend.