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Maureen Hirsch

Maureen Hirsch died January 1, 2017 at 65, of cancer. She came to Aspen in 1994 with her husband, Tom Hirsch, and their two children, Jessica, 31, and Matt, almost 23. Her older daughter, Dacia, is 44 and lives in upstate New York.

Maureen was a quiet, reserved person who engaged the world softly, with a radiance of clear light, and always with a smile focused on others. She was a spiritually connected, mother nature lover, extremely family focused, a lover of horses and all living things, always interested to learn and understand, and very down to earth. Maureen’s many creative gifts came out in singularly expressive ways. For example, she developed her own, self-taught stylized calligraphy way of writing, which seemed to emanate from the spirit world, etched as a gift into the physical world. Maureen created palpable, authentic value in many similar ways in everything she did and to everyone she touched.

There will be a memorial for Maureen at the Aspen Chapel on February 4 at noon.

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